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How to choose a logo designer – expert advice

How to choose a logo designer - expert advice
How to choose a logo designer - expert advice

How to choose a logo designer - expert advice Hello friends! Today we have a very interesting and, we hope, useful topic, namely, how to choose a designer for your logo.

Choosing a designer to create a corporate identity is probably the best solution in terms of quality and work efficiency. Of course, there is another side: the price of the issue will not be the lowest, and working with designers takes time and resources.

Well, if you decide to order a logo, especially for you, we have prepared an article with useful tips, supported by recommendations from professional designers on

Look at the portfolio

It would seem an obvious thing, but still: take a good look at the work that was done for other clients. Does the designer create high-quality logos that look unique and distinguish customers from the crowd? Or is his logo unremarkable and lost among others?

Are the works from their portfolio examples of good design? Do developed logos cause maximum interest in the company?

It is important that there is a great experience: not 10-20 works, but hundreds of different clients in
various fields.
Roman Gorbachev,
director of logomachine.

Of course, the portfolio should pay attention to assess the quality and style of work. But here the snag is that our people do not really understand the design, so not every customer can give an objective assessment. We still have on the market the dominance of design from the 90s, provided by all sorts of creative studios, and many continue to order such works.
, ,

Freelance will help if you are going to make a logo according to the “you draw, I criticize” scheme: the designer sketches options, you point out flaws, then somehow you find a compromise – and now you have a finished logo. As a rule, such logos are either a stylized text-name of the customer, or a set of a large number of elements. Such a logo will not be recognizable. If the budget allows you to hire only a private master, you should pay attention to his portfolio, terms and price. There should be a balance, there are no clear formulas here: you just have to like what you see and for the price that you voiced. In the end, you will take the work, guided only by their feelings, so study in detail the portfolio of the designer: it clings to you or not. Trust the intuition.
Stanislav Avzalov,
Founder of SDOBA digital.

Positive reviews

Does your designer have positive ratings from clients and colleagues? Verify the accuracy of reviews by viewing the website or simply writing a letter to the company. Well, it would be a good idea to just check if the company exists at all.

You should also pay attention to the reviews, but here we are faced with the same problem: the lack of knowledge among customers. I have seen a lot of positive feedback.
about such works, which is a shame to offer even for free.
Victor Dementiev,

In terms of feedback, everything is relative: they can be taken into account, but you can or cannot. In my personal opinion, reviews are an uncontrollable thing, they can be left not entirely honest, so I would not consider this as an indicator at all. Konstantin Tserkovny,
. art director

Did the designer work with companies from your industry?

Although this is not always necessary, but if the designer has experience working with companies from your field of activity, then it is likely that he will be able to develop a higher-quality logo, taking into account the characteristics of your industry. At the very least, logo development will go faster by saving time on competitor analysis.

Another important point related to this question: what is the designer’s experience? Some agencies with more experience can more quickly provide results that will be suitable for your market and for your business. Time is money.

Terms of creating a logo design

Creating a logo for a designer – a specific process, or works are stamped as fast food? Development can not last less than 48 hours.

There is no standard time frame, because each client has different needs, but for small and medium-sized businesses, a rough sketch can be created in 2-6 weeks.

How to choose a logo designer - expert advice

How does the process of the company? Is there a meeting with you for joint discussion? Do they first sketch in pencil on paper? Is the client involved in the process? Will you be able to provide data and feedback? A good firm should explain all these nuances.

I never give to fill out forms with a brief, because, as I saw the briefs, half of the questions in them are water, and these questions are difficult to answer.
I discuss my orders in a direct dialogue with the client, and ask 3 main questions:
This is the text on the logo, the client’s own ideas and wishes (if any), and what
The customer would like to avoid in the logo.
I believe that direct dialogue is more productive than brief forms, and such communication has the trust of the client.
Victor Dementiev,

What files do you get after ordering

You’d be surprised, but many people believe that a logo design project automatically includes all the necessary file types for printing business cards, creating signs and banners, and even graphic logo files for a website. A good firm will at least offer the following output data:

  • Vector file (EPS, AI). If they provide a raster file, this means that problems may arise when recreating the logo in large sizes (it will look like a pixel mash).
  • A color specification in the file that explains the palette used in the logo. In addition, there are options for colors that can be involved: for example, Pantone. Or CMYK for printing, or RGB for monitors, or even web-safe colors – hexadecimal digital color codes for websites and mobile applications
  • Some design firms also provide different logo files that are suitable for any need: Pantone, CMYK, RGB, Web Hex. They are good for different purposes: creating business cards, prints for clothes, signs, transport design, advertising, etc.

How to choose a logo designer - expert advice . Read

How many logos and how many reworkings are included in the order

Sometimes you need several options to choose from until you decide what you want to see in the logo. Ask at the very beginning how many examples will be provided to you at the first viewing and how many times you can make changes without additional costs.

Many firms may say that showing too many examples is bad, because it will only confuse the client.

We believe that at least 3 unique options – a good start. Well, from 1 to 3 rounds of edits included in the price are standard.
Discuss this point with the designer before engaging in any commitments.

Awards and published works

Did the studio receive awards? Have their works been published in books or magazines? How recognized are they in their industry? Is the designer in some communities, for example, Logobaker? All this can emphasize reliability and professionalism, dedication to the craft of the designer.

I think that rewards are an important plus. But this should not be the main aspect when choosing a designer.
Konstantin Tserkovny,
art director DesignKiev.

What if you don’t like the end result

Ask the design company about their actions if you don’t like the logo. What are your options if after the completion of the process you will be unhappy with the result? Some companies may offer a guarantee, some – a penalty. It is very important to clarify this point.

Price logo

At prices for services you can usually judge the final product. In most cases, you will get what you paid for, but do not consider the price as the only indicator.
How much does the logo design really cost? This is the most frequently asked question and is the most difficult to answer. The fact is that different companies have different needs. The best approach is to compare the portfolio and prices of designers.

When ordering a logo, it’s not at all worth pursuing a low cost: if the price is 2000-3000 rubles. – The designer is clearly a novice. Of course, there may be exceptions, because and newbies are talented. There is already a need to look at the portfolio, and then decide.
Also an important component is a prepayment. An experienced designer will always ask in advance at least 50%.
Victor Dementiev,

Too short a time and low price may indicate that the contractor often sits without work and tries to take any order. The high price and too long a period often indicate that the performer is in high demand, heavily loaded with work, or simply does not like to rush. This does not mean that it does not fit, you just need to compare the capabilities of the designer with your goals in terms of time and price.
Vasily Buslaev,
Lena McCoder company.

Does the designer take a prepayment (the size may be 100%) for their services? If not, then there is the possibility that nothing
good will not work. If not, then not sure that he will cope with the order.

. the designer .

What services do other design firms offer?

As soon as you get a delightful new design, you will very soon realize that you need other things. A new website, images for social networks, design letters for mailing and advertising campaigns, a sign for the building – a lot can be useful.

Nowhere is it written that the design company should also provide these services, but after having a pleasant experience with good people, you will certainly want to collaborate on other marketing projects. Therefore, when searching for artists to design a logo, pay attention to the additional services they provide. Why look for several designers, if you can only work with one?

Professionalism and communication with the designer

Attention to detail, reliability, strong communication skills and time management are very important and go hand in hand with excellent customer service.
Does the company respond quickly to letters? How do they communicate and present themselves? The designer must be extremely professional and polite in communicating with the client throughout the process: from the first letter to support after the completion of the transaction.

In communication, the designer must operate with concepts that are accessible to the customer, and, if you have to resort to terms, an explanation of each of them is necessary.
Of course, during a conversation the designer must be adequate, although I think this criterion is suitable for masters of any profession.
Victor Dementiev,

Suggestive questions

, чтобы узнать о ваших потребностях относительно целей бизнеса. The designer must ask a to learn about your needs regarding the goals of the business. Questions should relate to the history of the company, its target audience, competitors, goals, etc. If the performer does not ask questions, then this is a bad signal. Perhaps he will provide a template logo or create it without taking into account the individuality of the company.

The most important thing for a designer is to ask the customer: “What do you want to get at the outlet from the designer?”. Sit down with the customer and understand: “What do you think is beautiful?
What do you mean by the term “modern”, and what do you think is, for example, concisely. ”
Konstantin Tserkovny,
art director DesignKiev.

Does the designer suggest filling out the brief? Does it insist on it? (correct
the answers are “yes” and “yes”). How does the designer discuss the future project with you?
Does the scheme of cooperation? (highly desirable if you, for example,
you want to understand why the designer “disappeared for a week” and why he will show the first sketches / sketch not earlier than this period).
Alexander Paradigm

Understand your budget

Small startups can spend up to $ 500 on the design of a new logo. Get ready in advance for expenses. As the saying goes: “What you sow, you reap.” Crowdsourcing sites (usually with logos for $ 100 or less) will show a lot of dull works of designers who work abroad, because of which the creation process becomes thoughtless. Yes, sometimes you can meet pearls, but this is a rare find, and there are no guarantees that a person will work on your project, and not take advantage of online services.
Discuss the budget in advance with your designer, and get a great result – a logo to be proud of. In the end, the logo will represent your new and become the face of your company. You should do it right the first time.

The high price of services is not always an indicator of the experience of the contractor and the quality of his services, but may simply be due to his arrogance.
I advise you to avoid designers, and especially studios, who in their advertising campaign use the word “creative” and its derivatives.
Victor Dementiev,

We hope our tips will help you save time and money when searching for a designer.
What tips would you add?

How to choose a logo designer - expert advice

How to choose a logo designer - expert advice
How to choose a logo designer - expert advice

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