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The 10 Best Freelance Logo Designers 2018

Your logo is the face of your company. When people see it, they should understand the quality of your products and services and the values ​​of your business. And they should remember you. But how do you expect to get something as emblematic as the Starbucks mermaid or the target bullseye? By having your logo created by a first-class designer.

To help you find someone to put your big ideas into a perfect logo for your brand, we’ve put together a list of the best logo designers to hire.

How to get the best logo design

Most people know how to hire a freelance designer. But that’s not the only way to get a graphic design. Anyone who thinks about creating a logo should consider a logo design contest.

In a design contest you write a briefing in which you describe what you are looking for. Designers from around the world then submit concepts that are tailored to your briefing. Then you select the finalists, give them feedback to refine the design, and finally choose your favorite logo. If you care about ideas and you want to see a variety of design styles, we would recommend a design contest.

Learn more about logo design contests ->

On the other hand, a freelance designer is a great choice if you already have a clear idea of ​​the style and direction of your logo!

The Best Freelance Logo Designer 2018

According to which criteria did we choose these as the best logo designers?

A logo is a small symbol of great importance. We know how important it is to get your logo right and want you to feel good about the designers you work with. Here are the things that we paid attention to when choosing the designers for this list:

1. Overall design quality

The 10 Best Freelance Logo Designers 2018
from onripus
  • When designers register with 99designs, an expert from our team goes through their portfolio, paying attention to the conceptual thinking, technical execution, and knowledge of design principles found in their work. Then divide the designers into three levels:
  • Top level
  • Medium level
  • entry level

These levels appear on the designers’ portfolios, so you can easily see if you’re working with someone with a lot of experience and skill, or with someone who’s just getting started.

2. Logo design experience

Writing a poem or scientific dissertation requires practice as well as skill, but many authors specialize in either. It’s the same with design. Not only did we pay attention to the overall quality, we also checked every designer on this list to see if they have experience with logo design and specialize in it.

3. Professionalism

Of course you want someone with design skills, but you also want a logo designer who communicates with you during the process, delivers it on time and with whom you can generally work well. That’s why we’ve taken into account the experiences of past customers to make sure that all of our recommended logo designers are professional in both service and design.

What you should think about when engaging a logo designer

Your logo is an important cornerstone of your brand identity. Here are a few things to look out for as you look at the portfolios:

The 10 Best Freelance Logo Designers 2018
from ultrastjarna
  • Style . This can have a great influence on how potential customers perceive your brand. Designers often specialize. So if you want a modern lineart logo, get involved with someone who has examples of modern lineart in their portfolio.
  • Impression. If you look at the design, do you immediately get a sense of the brand’s personality (serious or funny, elegant or playful)?
  • Industry specialization. Some designers have more experience in one industry than others. This can be to your advantage or disadvantage. If you’re an accountant who wants to appeal to young people, a designer of classic accountant logos may not be right. On the other hand, if you have a store, you should work with someone who knows how to use a logo to get people into a store.
  • What else do you do? Although it’s important to be a logo specialist, you may have more design needs. If so, make sure the designer also makes websites or brochures. Most logo designers can also help you develop your entire brand style guide.

Are you ready to hire a great freelance logo designer?

Whether you want a great watercolor logo for your kidswear store or a fancy, modern logo for your tech startup. A good logo designer can make the difference between what’s okay and what lets potential customers say “wow!”

Your ideal logo designer is not included?
Do not worry, one of our highly qualified and certified designers will surely suit you perfectly.

The 10 Best Freelance Logo Designers 2018

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