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What Makes a Great Logo: 5 Characteristics of Great Business Logos

Amazing, memorable business and company logos are not plucked from thin air overnight. A great logo is more than just a visual aid to give the brand beauty. To create a great business logo, professional designers take the time to understand the client’s needs and apply their creative skills to make a unique logo design.

With a great product and the right marketing strategy at hand, these logos eventually establish a strong identity for that company akin to a national or global icon. From Apple to Nike to WWF, these big brands own logomarks that are instantly recognizable the world over for attributes like integrity, value and, vision.

What Makes a Great Logo: 5 Characteristics of Great Business Logos

You see a ‘swoosh’ on apparel and you automatically trusts its quality. You see a ‘half-eaten apple’ on a gadget, you tend not to question its performance (or its aesthetic design).

What Makes a Great Logo: 5 Characteristics of Great Business Logos

This is the power of a great logo!

So what attributes do all the top graphic designers have in common? The team or crowd designing a logo must be able to generate stunning creative concepts with strong technical execution, with high attention to detail, to ensure the attractive visuals sync with the brand’s overall image, underlining its quality, objectives, and authority.

Are you a designer ready to grow your career and earnings? Looking to step into the fast-paced world of logo design freelancing and avoid some of the common mistakes graphic designers make?

Here are five characteristics that make up a good and meaningful logo and 5 things you should remember when designing (amazing) logos for your clients:

01 The KISS Principle

KISS is not just a cliched synonym to ‘Keep It Simple, Stupid’. It’s a golden rule that designers must follow! Pick any popular brand logo across industries for example and they all share one common factor—their logos are extremely simple. The symbols are easy to remember and leave a lasting impression on the audience, which subsequently helps the brand in the long run market goodwill and revenue.

02 Brand’s Image and Vision

Every brand name carries a message or value proposition, which must be transformed and highlighted in its logo. As a designer, it’s your duty to listen to this message, understand it well and then craft it in wow-worthy visuals that mirror the brand’s image, vision and enhance the company’s credibility.

03 An Inspiring Story

What Makes a Great Logo: 5 Characteristics of Great Business Logos

What Makes a Great Logo: 5 Characteristics of Great Business Logos


Did you know the logo of the Toyota car brand has all the six letters of the company’s name in it. That there’s a hidden right-pointing arrow that denotes motion and efficiency in the Fedex logo? (Look closely at the ‘E’ to ‘X’ in the wordmark). Some of the world’s best loved and most popular brands have amazing hidden meanings behind their logo that inspire and fascinate.

The logo you’re designing must have a story behind the curtain. Why does it look like that? Why is the logo that color? How did the design evolve? Today, storytelling is an important component behind successful branding and marketing efforts.

04 Right Color Combination

The color scheme is a significant part of a logo. And you must consider the psychology of brand color not just the right variation and combination but also pick shades to complemenet the brand’s image, its quality, performance, goals and various other aspects.

Choosing a color palette that complements the brand requires some thought to avoid making mistakes.

For example, the color red, which highlights excitement, passion and anger, is less likely to suit a jewelry store logo that wants to be perceived as sophisticated; when the color purple might be better suited. In short, be very careful and considerable at this end.

Pro tip: Use gradients and shadows carefully. Popularized by Instagram rebrand in 2016, gradients are back and now a major graphic design trend in 2018.

05 Uniqueness

No company, big or small, would want a logo design that’s too common, generic and universal. The reason why they want a custom logo in the first place is for their distinct company brand to stand out, ergo don’t offer your clients a template-like, predesigned logo. You have to take the time to fully understand the design requirements and the client’s preferences to deliver the design goods!

Draw out the creativity inside you to make a beautiful logo that is exclusively for your client’s particular business and no one else. As a general rule, do not recycle design concepts for one on one client projects or design contests because you’re not tailoring the design to the new client’s specific requirements.

By applying these five common characteristics famous brands share as a framework for creating a logo, you’ll present original amazing designs your clients will love. Your job is to do one thing: make a stunning logo that’s simple, unique, and memorable.

These are five secret rules that you need by your side to climb the success ladder and be the top online logo designer.

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Written by Pankaj Maloo on Monday, February 19, 2018

Pankaj Maloo is the owner of Design Digital Agency Kreative Fingers, which aims to create amazing designs for your business. We believe there are only three responses to a piece of design; Yes, No, and WOW, WOW is what Kreative Fingers aims for! Kreative Fingers is ranked 15 on DesignCrowd. Hire Kreative Fingers on DesignCrowd now to create a WOW design for your business today.

What Makes a Great Logo: 5 Characteristics of Great Business Logos

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